This is a repository of custom themes available for your Tumblr-powered tumblelog. It now functions as an archive. I hope you find something you like.

This page is no longer updated. Use it as an archive, but don't expect new themes to show up. For fresh themes, go here.

Evening Tea by Simen
Roll Over, Play Dead by Aja West
A simple theme with a fixed sidebar.
Neon Theme by Great White Shark
A dark theme with a neon colour scheme.
Chocolate Con Leche by Vidar
An elegant theme with a chocolatey theme.
Cliché by Mirza
A light, airy theme.
Sofa King by Pixelspread
A dark theme.
PixColorBLOCK by Yuichi Takeoka
A simple theme, with a big impression.
Familiar Glow by Nik
A simple, dark theme.
Dorkness by Simen
A dark, bold theme.
Brune by Cameron Hunt
A brown theme.
Bubbles Theme by Stumblepeach
A simple, bold theme, with space for expansion.
Tabbed by Novembird
A blue theme that uses tabs.
Groupthink by Topherchris
A theme for group tumblelogs.
Seethrough by Topherchris
A theme with seethrough elements.
Tumblrist by Topherchris
A simple theme with 2 columns.

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