This is a repository of custom themes available for your Tumblr-powered tumblelog. It now functions as an archive. I hope you find something you like.

This page is no longer updated. Use it as an archive, but don't expect new themes to show up. For fresh themes, go here.

Underground by Paul Ross
Classy Bigfoot Theme modded by Andrew Kotalik
A modified version of Harris Novick’s Bigfoot w/extra features
LightGrid by  Danny
A blueprint framework-based theme.
Twelve, Twelve by Tyler Clay
Time Capsule by Peter Vidani
Roboturner by Pixelspread
Compatriot Theme by Ethan Sherbondy
 Atlas theme by Evan Walsh

Bigfoot by Harris Novick
Simplification by Bill Israel
A minimal, readable, elastic one-column design.
OneOneOne by Smaran Dayal
Wakalixes Theme by Andrea Mignolo
Friendfeed Theme by Alexander Kohlhofer
A custom theme with tight integration of your Friendfeed stream. Also supports comments via Disqus. The design is simple and clean.
Graph The Museum by Sublime Absurdity
DoeDoe by Dagmarrr

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