This is a repository of custom themes available for your Tumblr-powered tumblelog. It now functions as an archive. I hope you find something you like.

This page is no longer updated. Use it as an archive, but don't expect new themes to show up. For fresh themes, go here.

Tumblr v.5 introduces the Theme Garden. It does what Tumblr Themes tried to do, but better. If you’ve made a theme you’ve submitted here, you should submit it there too, and if you’ve made a theme you haven’t submitted here, you shouldn’t bother with Tumblr Themes, just submit it to the Garden. If you’re looking for a theme, this is probably still the most extensive repository, at least for a little while, but keep an eye on the Garden, from which you can install a theme in a click. Much more convenient than Tumblr Themes.

This, then, means that there’s no reason to update this repository any more, but it will still remain available. nostrich:

The crushes are neat, but this is my favourite new Tumblr feature: the theme garden. It does more or less exactly what Custom Themes was made to do. And though that now renders my favourite internet project (though Simen took the reins a month or so ago) to date more or less defunct, I’m glad to see it go in favour of Tumblr’s effort, which I always knew was coming. (I have no idea if Simen will continue to maintain CT.)

ProWhite by Josh Jenkins
Based on Black and Blue Eyes
Skyscraper by Karsen
Springfield by Hunson N
Just Plain Theme by Peter Vidani
Radio Station by Kay Schroedelsecker
Carbo by kobzahrai
Nigredo by Redfield
Das Bureau by Kay Schroedelsecker
TumbleDesk by Dave Cooper
Based on the Desk Mess wordpress theme
Not Quite by Peter Vidani
Albedo by Redfield
Forty-two by Tyler Clay
Black and Blue Eyes by Hunson N
Shallow Blue by Aleksey

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